This online referee workshop is led by Mary Kerekere who is our National Referee Development Manager. There are 4 sections to this national referee workshop. Sections 1-3 are composed of videos which covers detailed subjects regarding refereeing. There is about 4 and a half hours worth of videos for you to watch and take notes and we recommend you dividing the workload into a couple of days.

Rules applying:  FIVB International Volleyball Rules 2021 - 2024.
Section 4 - National Exam:

There are 3 sections to this exam: 
Section 1: 16 Multiple choice questions
Section 2: 19 Short answers or fill in the gap 
Section 3: 24 True and False questions

You have 2 hours to complete the exam. If you go over 2 hours, points will be deducted from your exam. This is a CLOSED BOOK exam.

You must score 66% in each section to pass and 70% overall.

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