Level I Te Uru Coach Award - Engage with Coaching Volleyball

The purpose of this course is to arm new coaches with the tools to teach the game of volleyball in a safe and effective manner.

Throughout this e-learning course, participants will learn about how to coach the fundamental skills of the game and some tips on the art of coaching, beyond the game of volleyball.

Beach Volleyball and Indoor Volleyball

For this award, we have provided information relevant to both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball coaches.

There are differences between both versions of the game and some of the content will be more applicable to one or the other.

Fundamental Skills of Volleyball

Learn about the main objectives of serving, forearm passing, setting, and attacking.

Learn the main teaching points associated with each skill and watch some of our best junior athletes demonstrate them.

Relevant Rules and Drills associated with each skill

This award is positioned to educate beginner coaches on the rules of volleyball as well as provide drills/activities to help kick start your coaching experience.

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